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        PerFection of simplicity


        SieMatic presents a new purist design concept for the kitchen in Milan. The first kitchen carrying the SieMatic brand label was regarded as revolutionary: Presented in 1960, it was the first handle-free kitchen the shape international kitchen design. Today, the minimalist aesthetic of the handle-free kitchen has become a central element of purist interior design style. Over the decades, SieMatic has reinterpreted the concept and kept it up to date and has now completely re-thought it all over again. The result is a concept that underscores the East Westphalian company’s decades-long leadership in international kitchen design. The new, timelessly elegant design, materials and functionality perfect the SieMatic PURE style collection and enrich its emotional qualities. It will be presented at Eurocucina 2018 from April 17 to 22 at the flagship Milan showroom SieMatic Monte Santo.

        We look forward to a fantastic premiere!

        SieMatic Monte Santo, Porta Nuova, Viale Monte Santo 8, 20124 Milan
        April 17-22, 2018, open daily at 10:00 AM.

        “An original that became a standard is worth a fresh new approach.”
        Ulrich W. Siekmann, CEO SieMatic