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        Batibouw-Fair 2016


        Visitors to the largest Belgian trade fair for construction and interior design were treated to an inspiring exhibit of SieMatic’s new style collection concepts. The 11 day fair welcomed over 300,000 visitors including trade professionals, journalists, and interested consumers to the exhibition center in the north of Brussels. Hall 11, traditionally dedicated to kitchens, was of particular interest to a high number of visitors. SieMatic provided inspiration to interior design and press visitors with the style collections URBAN and PURE, and the spacious URBAN design display, as seen at LivingKitchen in Cologne and the Swissbau in Basel, had its Brussels premiere at Batibouw.

        The design principles behind the three SieMatic style collections URBAN, PURE and CLASSIC make it possible to design timelessly elegant living spaces that convey the personalities of their owners. The collection concepts reflect current trends in living and furnishing styles and enable more flexible, precise and careful consideration of a customer’s distinctive lifestyle than traditional, rigidly structured product ranges – so SieMatic studios can now realize sophisticated kitchen design based on creative lifestyle consultation.

        Mit dem SieMatic Planungsprinzip der drei Stilwelten PURE, URBAN und CLASSIC lassen sich heute weltweit Lebensr"aume von zeitloser Eleganz gestalten, die die Pers"onlichkeit ihrer Besitzer perfekt widerspiegeln. Das SieMatic Stilwelten-Konzept folgt den aktuell beliebtesten Lebens- und Einrichtungsstilen und erm"oglicht, jenseits starrer Programmstrukturen flexibel, pr"azise und detailliert auf das individuelle Lebensgefühl der Kunden einzugehen. So wird in SieMatic Studios anspruchsvolle Küchen-Planung heute zu kreativer Lifestyle-Beratung.