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        SieMatic at the "Foire de Paris"

        New handle-free SieMatic celebrates French premiere

        Very PURE presented our longterm Parisian partner "Haussmann Cuisines" his 52 m2 booth at the "Foire de Paris" from 27 April to 8 May 2019. The SieMatic Pure Collection in lotus white, which won the "German Design Award", was shown here as well as the new handle-free SieMatic, which celebrated its French premiere in elegant veneer “graphite oak”. A special eye-catcher were the illuminated handle recess channell and the perfect details of the elegant glass showcases. The "warm rolled stainless steel“ worktop, only 6 mm thick, provided a feeling of lightness.

        Both kitchens impressively demonstrated how individually you can plan with SieMatic. Cooperation partners of Haussmann Cuisines and SieMatic at this fair were V-Zug and Gaggenau, whose high-quality appliance lines complemented the kitchen planning perfectly, as well as Benjamin Moore, quality brand for decorative color trends in interior design.

        A special highlight was the award of the "Etoiles de la cuisine" (Stars of the Kitchen), which SieMatic received for the first time from the jury of 12 journalists in the category "Tendances et Nouveautés" (Trends and Innovations).

        The "Foire de Paris" is the largest consumer fair in France and exists since 1904. On twelve exhibition days at the Expo Porte de Versailles in Paris, it welcomes more than half a million guests.