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        Great start to the cologne fair at SieMatic am Neumarkt

        Informative discussions and good conversations in a relaxed atmosphere - what could be better? Numerous international kitchen experts, journalists and design enthusiasts took advantage of this opportunity at LIVING KITCHEN in the newly designed SieMatic exclusive showroom "SieMatic am Neumarkt" in Cologne. The three style worlds PURE, URBAN and CLASSIC offered a timelessly elegant setting on more than 300 m2, rather exclusive boutique than kitchen showroom.

        As well as the successful fair appearance was the start into the year of the company's 90th anniversary. Where 1929 in L?hne, Westphalia the family company was founded, the kitchens of the SieMatic brand are still exclusively developed and manufactured today.

        We are looking forward to an exciting year 2019 with many highlights and meeting again in February at the Batibouw in Brussels, in March at the Design Shanghai and in April at the Foire de Paris.