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        Milan celebrates 90 years of SieMatic

        Excited visit to SieMatic Monte Santo during the "Salone del Mobile"

        As part of the "Salone del Mobile" , the exclusive studio SieMatic Monte Santo also celebrated the 90th anniversary of SieMatic. Together with the prestigious furniture manufacturer Thonet, which this year can even look back on 200 company years, around 200 guests celebrated the two traditional companies on the evening of 12 April.

        Whether architects, journalists or customers from all over the world - all admired the new products of Thonet, which were presented exclusively in the atmosphere of the SieMatic style worlds PURE, URBAN and CLASSIC. The Studio Monte Santo once again proved to be one of the most famous and beautiful not only in Italy, but also internationally. For the culinary pleasure wine partner Fantinel and a first-class catering by Palato Raffinato who offered their refined finger food creations Pure, Urban and Classic - based on the SieMatic Style Collections created and prepared by the well-known chef Mario Sironi.

        During the entire days of the Milan Furniture Fair from 9 to 14 April, the Studio SieMatic Monte Santo enjoyed lively and enthusiastic visits from international guests.