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        SieMatic Forum 2015


        L"ohne, September 19, 2015. To fulfill the varied wishes and meet the expectations of its international customers and sales partners in an optimal manner, SieMatic develops more than first-class kitchens: The planning principles of the three SieMatic style collections URBAN, PURE, and CLASSIC, which follow the most important current interior design styles, make it is possible to design timelessly elegant living spaces that reflect the personalities of their owners.

        With innovations that are as attractive as they are functional, the SieMatic style collections are being presented in their entirety for the first time at "SieMatic Forum 2015" in L"ohne. From September 19th to 24th, in an area of more than 1300 m2, the in-house exhibition held annually to provide information and inspiration to international kitchen specialists, interior designers, and journalists, presents numerous new kitchen planning ideas in the three style collections URBAN, PURE, and CLASSIC – rounded out consistently by SieMatic aluminum interior accessories, whose unique design harmoniously combines the exterior and inner quality of the kitchen and has already won 7 prestigious design awards in 2014/2015.